Eclectic Wicca

Eclectic Wicca is probably the most common Wiccan tradition, even though it can be the toughest one to explain.

As the term suggests, eclectic Wicca is a mixed-bag of specific traditions that are not usually associated with the original British form of Wicca. Some purists do complain that once you diverge from Gardiner’s vision for the religion, it is no longer Wicca. While technically true, it’s become generally accepted that you can tweak some of the specifics and still use the label.

Whether you consider it Wicca or not, the idea still exists that you can create your own spiritual and magickal path by pulling from various sources to craft something personal and unique.

Some examples might be a version of Wicca that involves the pantheon of Egyptian gods and goddesses, rather than the dual God/Goddess, or an additional of African rootwork into your spellcraft. Or perhaps a Hindu worldview on karma and rebirth?

What about people who aren’t part of a coven? Do you follow the Wiccan Rede? Are you celebrating sacred days of the year based on other cultural beliefs besides the Celtic Sabbats? Are you using magick, spells or rituals on a regular basis?

There is no clear answer to how any of these questions fits into eclectic Wicca, and it’s tough to draw the line where you change too many things to use the Wiccan label at all. Is your brand of Wicca so different from the original that perhaps it’s not Wicca at all?

It can be easier to define yourself as Wiccan because it’s a known religious path and you feel more comfortable being part of that. But if you change virtually everything about it, you’re probably not Wiccan any longer, no matter how “eclectic” you want to describe it. Go with a more general term of “Pagan” instead.

All I am saying is that there is some wiggle room in the world of Wicca and that eclectic Wicca is a very valid path just like any other. Whatever works for your personal spiritual journey is the way to go, even if the label can be hard to fit.

As more and more people are being drawn to Wicca through books, and having to follow a solitary path rather than join a coven, you can expect there to be a more and more flexibility as to what counts as being Wicca. For now, enjoy your eclectic Wicca path.

Oh, and it case you are wondering, any of the spells on this site are perfectly suitable for an eclectic Wiccan.

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