Free Weight Loss Spells

Free weight loss spells are nearly as popular as love spells. These spells are great, and can be quite powerful but you can’t just cast one and go back to eating at McDonald’s every day. The Goddess helps those who help themselves, so use magick in addition to making some lifestyle changes and watch the pounds disappear.

Herbal Weight Loss Bath

All you need for this spell is a selection of herbal oils to add to your bathwater. You only need a few drops each of:

  • Grapefruit oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Sage oil
  • Basil oil

Run a deep bath for yourself, and add 4 to 5 drops of each oil into the water. Give it a swirl with your hands to mix, and get in. Have a nice soak, and enjoy the fragrance of the bath.

Then concentrate on the changes you want in your body, and rub the oiled water all over yourself. Visualize how you want to look (be realistic!) and feel your excess weight melt off into the water. Stay in the bath until the water cools.

If you can schedule this spell for a Saturday and/or during a waning moon, it will be even stronger. But as I say with many of my spells, magick can’t produce miracles. Casting this spell, then sitting on the couch all day will give you no success. Eat better and exercise more, and this spell should give that edge to lose weight.

Binding the fridge, in this free weight loss spell
Refrigerator Binding

A symbolic binding (since you can’t really tie your fridge closed) to help you improve your willpower and reduce snacking. Your supplies for this free weight loss spell are:

  • A piece of black yarn, a few feet long
  • Black candle

Light the black candle while you concentrate on improving your willpower and motivation to lose weight. Think about that while you tie knots in the yarn, about every 4 to 5 inches along the length.

Once it’s knotted, take the yarn to your refrigerator and wrap it around the door handle several times and knot it tightly. While you do this, repeat the following:

I bind you cravings, to stay away
I bind you cravings, to stay away
I bind you cravings, to stay away
I am stronger than you today

Leave the candle somewhere safe to burn out. Then every time to go to the fridge, let the yarn remind you of your goal. If you find you tend to snack from the cupboard, you can cast this spell with a cupboard door instead.

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