Friendship Spells

Friendship spells are really a lighter form of love spell, to help create a relationship with a little magickal help. You don’t see these types of spells as often but they can be very helpful, especially if you aren’t a particularly social person on your own.

Sometimes magick can help you find a new friend
A Find a Friend Charm

This is a little charm bag you can carry when you’re in the market for a new friend and hope to meet someone you have something in common with.

  • A square of white silk (like a handkerchief)
  • Pink yarn or ribbon
  • Three silver coins
  • Honeysuckle oil or fragrance
  • Mint leaf (fresh, not dried)

The coins for this spell don’t have to be real silver either. Standard nickels or dimes would do.

Lay out the white cloth, and set the mint leaf in the center. Rub a drop of oil on each coin, and set them on the mint leaf in a little pile. Fold the corners of the silk up and tie it with the yarn to make a little bundle.

Set it out in a windowsill overnight for 2 nights. Doesn’t really matter what the moon phase is for this spell. After that, carry it with you when you go out.

Smooth the Waters

You can use this spell to help improve or mend a friendship that is going through a rough patch.

  • A large bowl (no plastic)
  • A sprinkling of salt
  • A sprinkling of rosemary
  • A key
  • Piece of string, about a foot long

Fill the bowl with water, and then add a pinch of two of both salt and rosemary. Give it a stir with your finger to get the water rippling. Repeat the following:

Calm the waters with my friend,
I want our troubles to finally end

While you watch the water, dangle the key over the surface and repeat the words again until the water is completely still.

Wear the key around your neck for 3 days, and make sure you put some effort into fixing what may be wrong with your friendship. This spell will help calm any tension right down.

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