Free Witch Spells

Free witch spells can be just as effective as any spells you find in a book you paid for. I guess books can be taken out of the library and not paid for, but you get my point.

Practicing magic or witchcraft isn’t some secret mystery that you have to learn from your great-grandmother. Honestly! And don’t let online courses or books fool you, it really is something you can learn for free. Witch spells can cover pretty much any area of your life, though most people do turn to magic when it comes to either love or money. So feel free to move on to either of those pages if that is what you’re after.

free witch spells
Sewing a poppet is a powerful way to cast a free witch spell
Gossip Poppet Spell

For those times when people are talking about you and you want the gossip to stop. Yes, it even works with Facebook commenting too. Your supplies for this spell are:

  • A square piece of white cloth, around 4 inches across
  • Markers or paint
  • Heavy black thread
  • Sewing needle
  • White candle

Turn off the lights and light the candle. You need to do this spell by candlelight only. Use a market to draw a face on the cloth. Try to make it somewhat resemble the person but you don’t have to be an artist. Write their name under the face.

Then use the thread to stitch over the drawn mouth. You don’t have to actually cut it to make a hole, just stitch through the fabric along the line you drew for the mouth. While you sew, say these words:

Mouth be closed, do not speak
No more trouble will you wreak
When sweeter words become your way
Then you can have your say

Feel free to snuff out the candle when you are done sewing, but leave the sewn face out where you can see it each day until you feel the gossiping has stopped. The intention of this free witch spell is to be directed at one person, but you could do a more general one with no name to help keep gossip away.

Self-Image Bath Spell

Our next spell today is a relaxing bath spell designed to make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence. Get your stuff together:

  • 1/2 cup calendula blossoms
  • 1/2 cup raspberry leaves
  • Three yellow candles
  • Teacup with flowers on it

Mix the herbs together, then divide them in half. Use half the mix to make a cup of steeped tea, straining the herbs out when it’s done. The other half of the herbs should be tossed in a tub of hot water for your bath.

Light the candles near the tub, and drink your tea while you soak. In your mind, visualize the energy of the tea glowing outward while the bathwater soaks inward. Let yourself be completely consumed by the warmth.

Repeat the words:

Beauty within
Beauty without
I am fabulous
Without a doubt

Stay until the water is cool, but make sure you drink the entire cup of tea before you are through.

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