Spells for Employment

free witchcraft spells for employment and jobs
Spells for employment can help find that perfect job

This page of spells for employment is a continuation of an earlier page of job spells, and will give you a few more magickal options for getting that perfect job.

Luck of the Draw

Ok, the title kind of implies cards but this spell actually relies on the luck in a roll of dice. Or more specifically, loading the dice in your favor when you’re up for a new job. This isn’t for finding a new employment opening. You cast this spell to shift the chances in your favor after you’ve already applied. Your supplies are just:

  • A pair of dice (wood is best, plastic will do)
  • 2 green candles
  • 2 pieces of bloodstone

Roll the dice, then light the candles. Repeat the words of the spell:

The luck of the draw, is not the law

Then turn both dice so that 6s are facing upward. Set a piece of bloodstone on each one. Continue the spell:

By the spell I’ve done,
I’ll be the one
I’ve changed the roll,
I’m in control.

Slide the dice closer to each other so they touch, without moving the bloodstone pieces. Leaning over both dice, loudly say the title or name of the job you are seeking. Leave the candles to burn down on their own. When they are both out, turn the dice so that they both have 3s facing up, and replace the bloodstones. Leave them this way on your altar until you hear back about the job.

Open the Door

This is an employment spell that will help bring the perfect opportunity to you. Sometimes its tough to find that right opening, especially if you are looking for a unique kind of job. This spell can help open that door and lead you to it.

You need to find a spot on the floor in a doorway (with a door) that won’t be disturbed for at least a day. Yes, I know that can be awkward but that’s how it works.

  • 5 coins
  • A picture or drawing that represents the job you want

The picture can really be anything as long as it symbolizes the kind of job you want in your own mind. Something from a magazine or a photo printout is best, but you can draw your own if you need to.

Start off with the door closed. Say the words “I call on the Universe to open the door, to bring me employment opportunities and more”

Open the door, and set the photo on the floor in the doorway. Stand up over the image, and drop all the coins on it. Hopefully, a few will stay on the picture, but don’t worry if they don’t. Just leave them where they lie at this point. Repeat the words again.

Now leave everything where it is for a full day. A little longer is fine. You can step over your spell but do not move anything or close the door.

The next day, gather up the coins as you repeat the spells words again and then go out and spend the coins. Doesn’t matter what you buy, just spend them all at once. Hang the image where you can see it every day, and hopefully that perfect job offer will arrive soon.

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