Voodoo Spells and Black Magic

Voodoo spells and black magic often go together in many people’s minds even though they really don’t have all that much to do with each other.

Voodoo as a spiritual or magickal path has gotten a bad reputation over the years because it’s portrayed as sinister or evil in the movies, mainly due to the mystery surrounding it. The reality of voodoo (more accurately called Vodou or Vodun) is much simpler once you get to know it.

How is Voodoo like Black Magic?

Sure, sticking pins in dolls (the traditional Voodoo poppet style of magick) and creating zombies are the kinds of things that conjure up all kinds of evil imagery. The use of dolls is real, but the zombie thing is more movie than reality. Oh, and the frequent use of animal blood doesn’t help that reputation.

Besides that, the main reason that voodoo spells and black magic are so often tied together is because the ethical background of voodoo is different than that of North American witchcraft or Wicca. They do not worry about “harming none” and will often resort to magick for things we might consider negative.

I already have a few Voodoo revenge spells on the site, which you could consider to be black magic. But that’s really about it. Most of the voodoo magick I’ve included has been far more white than black. So here is a new one on this theme.

Torn Asunder

This is a dark love spell that combines voodoo spells and black magic, intended to break up another relationship. It doesn’t specifically make either party fall in love with you though, just gets them to split up.

  • Do As I Say oil or Bend Over oil
  • A piece of red yarn
  • A piece of black yarn
  • A dry chicken bone

Yes there are some rather specific oils in this spell, that’s kind of the way voodoo magic works. I can’t offer any substitutions so you will have to go shopping possibly to get the right ingredients.

A larger bone (like from a drumstick) will work well, just let it dry out for a couple of weeks or it may not work.

Rub a little oil on to either end of the bone. Tie the red yarn to one end and the black yarn to the other. Don’t tie the strings to each other, just to the bone. Grip either end in each hand and repeat “Break is broken, spell is spoken”. Say their names out loud 3 times and snap the bone in half. If the bone isn’t dry enough, it will just bend. It has to snap cleanly for the spell to work. If it doesn’t break, don’t try again. Bury the bone and wait until you have a new one for another attempt.

If it snaps as it should, the two pieces far away from each other. Their relationship will start to suffer soon.

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