Business Spells

Business Spells
Pine can make for a powerful business spell

Business spells are similar to job spells but these rituals are intended to help you with your own business, and career success. If you are starting or running your own business, this is the magick you can use to help it all thrive.

Business Blessing

This spell is for a brand-new business venture, to get things off on the right foot. Cast this business spell on a Thursday if you can.

  • 6 pieces of tiger eye
  • A green candle
  • 6 sprigs or leaves of dill, basil and pine (fresh if possible)
  • Green cloth
  • Heavy black marker or paint

Lay out your green cloth, and draw a large circle on it in marker. Set the pieces of tiger eye evenly around the circle. Draw a dollar sign in the center (or whatever currency symbol you use). Set your candle up over the symbol, and light it.

Think about your business, and focus your thoughts on having it succeed. Set a basil leaf on each of the pieces of tiger eye, and say the following:

Hard Work

With one word for each point on your circle. Then place a pine needle on each of the points, and repeat the words again. After that, do the same thing with sprigs of dill.

Then say out loud:

With this spell, I launch [the name of your new business].
May this project be blessed with success.

Let the candle burn out, and leave the stones and herbs out for one week. After that, gather up the corners of the cloth, and let everything fall into the center. Tie up the top and leave this bundle someplace significant for your business (like your desk or shop counter).

Customer Attraction Spell

Customers or clients are the lifeblood of any business, and this spell can help bring in some new ones for you. This spell should be performed at your place of business, or somewhere significant where you do some of your business activities.

  • A handful of dried corn kernels
  • A large piece of black cloth
  • 4 green candles
  • A brass or copper bell
  • A metal bowl

Lay out the cloth, setting the 4 candles at the corners and lighting them.

Take a handful of corn kernels (unpopped popcorn would be fine) and hold them above the cloth. Open up your hand and let the corn fall.

Say “I am seeking those who would use my services” and ring the bell. Now, one by one, pick up the corn kernels and drop them into the bowl. Yes it’s tedious but you are symbolically bringing people to you with this ritual. Every few minutes, ring the bell again and repeat the words. When all the corn is picked up. Ring the bell one last time

Put out the candles, and save the bowl of corn somewhere noticeable (at least for you). It will serve as a magnet to bring in new customers or clients to your business.

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