Justice Spells

Justice spells would be used any time when you need a little cosmic balance or fairness to show itself. This isn’t the same thing as getting revenge, though you could see that there is a little similarity.

justice spells
Magick for the scales of justice

When you need justice done, in an actual legal sense or otherwise, try one of these spells. Just remember that true universal justice may not give you the results you are hoping for, especially if you are hoping that a guilty person escapes punishment. Consider your motivations before casting these spells.

For any of these justice spells, try to cast them on a Thursday if you can.

Tip the Scales

This is a justice spell that related to legal problems, not just “personal justice” issues. If you want a court case to swing in your favor, try this spell.

  • Marigold or calendula, about a 1/4 cup of herbs
  • Comfrey
  • Rosemary oil
  • 1 orange candle
  • 1 black candle
  • Set of old-fashioned scales

Use a sharp instrument to carve your desired outcome into both the orange and black candles. Keep it simple. Even just the world “innocent” or “guilty” would suffice. Use your fingertips to rub oil heavily on each candle, and then roll them in the herbs so that they are coated (at least lightly) in dried herbs.

Set the scales up between the candles, and light each one. If you don’t have access to scales (and most people probably don’t) you can use a drawing or photograph of them. They do need to be the type that have a weight on both sides. A modern scale won’t do.

Anyway, light the candles and concentrate on bringing the right verdict to your case. Think about the situation and slowly use your finger to lower one side of the scale. Hold it down while you focus your energy then release it. Let the candles burn out on their own after that.

The Cards You’re Dealt

You’ll need a Tarot card for this, and unfortunately it might get ruined. If you don’t have an old deck around, you can use a standard playing card with the word “justice” written in heavy marker. This is a spell for any type of justice, legal or not.

  • The Justice or Judgement Tarot card
  • 1 black candle
  • Pieces of bloodstone, onyx and tiger eye

Focus on your situation with the Tarot card between the palms of your hands. Think about the unfairness of it all and what you’d like to happen to right the wrongs. Lay down the card, and then set the candle down in the center. Ideally it will balance on its own without a holder, so don’t use a tall taper.

Light the candle and set the stones down on the card around it. Watch it burn until there are drips of wax down the sides and over the surface of the card. Let the wax build up a bit and then snuff out the candle. Leave everything set up until you feel that justice has been done.

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