Lost Love Spells

Similar to the various spells to get an ex back, these lost love spells are intended to be used when a certain someone has become lost to you and you want them back. It’s not about finding a new love, but reconnecting with someone you once new. They will work if you broke up, but they are more targeted to those situations when your lost your love due to life circumstances (like they moved away or something like that).

Enough chatter, here are my new lost love spells to help you re-find your romance.

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The Compass of Love

When you’ve lost touch with a loved one (that would apply to family members as well as romantic partners) this spell can help you find them.

  • A compass
  • Dried rosemary
  • Fresh rose petals
  • Square of white silk
  • Piece of hematite or lodestone

For this spell, you need a true compass with a little movable magnetic needle. A GPS device or an app on your phone will not do.

Set the compass on your altar table. Now that you can see the directions, do the spell while facing west. Leave the compass on the table, and repeat:

North, south, east and west

Find for me who I love best

Where they’ve gone, I do not know,

Bring me signs, I need them so.

Sprinkle a circle of rosemary and rose petals around the compass, and then cover the whole thing with the silk cloth. Set the stone on top of the compass. Repeat the words again.

After 3 days, you should start to see signs of where to find your missing love. You don’t actually use the compass to point the way, in case you were wondering.

Call to the Universe

This is a very simple spell where you can just ask the Universe to help bring your lost love back to you. It can take a long time to manifest itself, but it works best when nothing else has helped.

  • 1 stick each of sandalwood, rose and frankincense incense
  • A fresh flower (rose is best, but any will do)
  • 1 pink candle

Do this spell outdoors under the light of the moon, ideally the waxing moon phase. Set the flower up in a vase. Light all 3 sticks of incense and the candle. Watch the incense smoke in the candle light, and see how it rises up into the sky.

Visualize the smoke and your wishes travelling through the sky to find the person you are looking for. Raise your hand above your head and simply ask that your lost love be revealed so you can find them again. Leave the incense to burn out, and never give up hope that your loved one will be found.

If these spells aren’t helping you with a lost love, you can also try our pages with lover return spells for similar magic.

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