Lust Spells

Lust spells are exactly what they sound like, magick for passion, lust or an improved sex life. Though often tied in with love spells, lust spells really are a whole other area of magick. You may want to increase the physical passion within an existing love relationship, or you might be looking for just sex without the complications of love. In any case, a lust spell should fit the bill.

Light My Fire

This spell can be used to ignite the lust in another person, or even for yourself if you need a boost in this area. Your supplies for this spell include:

  • A red figure candle in the gender of your target
  • Vanilla oil
  • Hot chili oil or Tabasco sauce
  • 3 whole cloves

If you can’t get male/female figure candles, substitute a plain red one but carve the symbol for male or female into it first.

Use your fingers to anoint the entire candle with vanilla oil, and push the cloves into the candle along one side. You might need a pointed tool to make small holes in the wax. Whatever technique works best. Then rub only the bottom half of the candle with the chili oil.

Set the candle up, and light it. Repeat the following words, while focusing on the heat of the candle flame.

Light the fire,

Bring the flame

Grow the passion

Hard to tame.

Repeat 4 more times while the candle is burning. Visualize the person you are targeting getting heated by the flames, and then repeat the words again.

Leave the candle to burn all the way out on its own.

No Strings Attached

Looking for a sexual relationship without the emotional commitment? This spell might help you find that perfect partner in lust. Get these materials together and set up in your bedroom.

  • 2 hot peppers (whole and fresh)
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon incense

Light each stick of incense on opposite sides of the room and let them smolder for a few minutes to bring the smoke through the space. Focus your intentions on finding a sexual partner who isn’t interested in romance, and ask the Universe to bring you such a person. Place 1 hot pepper under one side of the mattress, and the other pepper on the other side. Sleep over on one side of the bed until the spell brings you someone hot for the other side.

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