Money Spells that Work

Use an apple for a free money spell that works

Finding money spells that work can be tricky, though you have to have reasonable expectations from the start. Money spells aren’t likely to bring you huge fortunes or unlimited wealth, though a lottery win isn’t exactly impossible. Frankly, you can expect a raise or bonus at work, a new employment opportunity or maybe a gift. That’s the typical result from a good money spell.

Apple and Athame

I don’t usually write spells that require athames (ritual daggers), because I prefer to stick with tools and supplies that most people have. Anyway, you’ll need a sharp knife for this, though it doesn’t strictly have to be a unique ritual blade. Just use a clean, good quality, sharp knife.

  • An athame (see above)
  • A green apple
  • 5 whole cloves

Use the athame to gently carved a pentacle into the skin of the apple, and press the cloves into each one of the points. Hold the apple in your hand and face north (use a compass if you have to). Repeat the following:

By the powers that be,

Bring new wealth to me.

In this apple, find the power

Add abundance from this hour.

Set the apple back down so the pentacle is facing you. Repeat the words again, and drive the knife into the apple. Try to embed it in the top so the apple stay upright when you let go of the blade. Let it sit like that, with the knife sticking out, until the end of the day. Then remove the knife and eat the apple (you can take out the cloves).

Money Tea

This is more of a recipe than a spell, but you can make it into a ritual to have a freshly brewed cup of this tea every evening to help bring more money into your life. Or at least on Thursdays, the best day of the week for finances.

  • 1/2 tbs dried basil
  • A pinch of dried dill weed
  • Ground cinnamon

Brew up a cup of tea with the basil and dill, letting it steep for about 10 minutes. Strain out the leafy bits, and then add a light sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s all very edible, but the flavor may not be that delightful. Add a spoon of honey if you wish. These herbs all bring abundance energy into your body, and you should see some wealth after a few cups. Simple, but it’s a money spell that works.

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