Simple Money Spells

Witchcraft doesn’t have to be complicated, and even simple money spells can be very effective in helping to bring in a little extra prosperity into your life.

And when I say “simple money spells”, I usually mean ones with few supplies and a fairly brief ritual. These are good spells for a beginner or maybe someone with just a little time to spare for magic. Sometimes waiting for the right moon phase or letting a spell run on for a week can be inconvenient.

Let Your Wealth Grow

You can use any plant for this spell, including any potted houseplants you may already have. If you want to make the spell more successful, get a basil or jade plant for this. You’ll need:

simple money spells
Basil is a powerful herb for all kinds of money magick
  • A live houseplant
  • A coin
  • A pinch of patchouli herb

Don’t do this spell with a half-dead plant either. It should be healthy and thriving. Sprinkle a little patchouli on the soil in the pot, and push the edge of the coin down into the dirt in the same spot.

You don’t have to bury the coin. The edge of it should still stick up. Whenever some extra money comes your way, take the coin out and spend it. Replace it with a new coin to keep the spell going.

Bankroll Money Charm

I admit to a bad pun using “roll” for the title, but it does seem to fit this type of money charm. Your spell supplies are just:

  • A length of green yarn or ribbon
  • A dollar bill (any denomination)
  • Pine oil

Rub pine oil along the ribbon and start to tie knots. There are 5 knots, so try to keep them even along the ribbon length. Say each line along with one knot as you tie it:

Knot of one, the spell’s begun

Knot of two, I make it true

Knot of three, prosperity

Knot of four, bring me more

Knot of five, the spell’s alive

Roll the dollar bill up into a tube, and wrap the knotted ribbon around it. Wrap it tight enough to keep it from unwinding, but don’t tie another knot in it. Leave the charm in your kitchen, somewhere safe.

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