Quick Lost Love Spells

Quick lost love spells are for people looking to reconnect with a love interest they already had in their lives, but have lost for whatever reason (breakup, moving, etc.) Because they are intended to work quickly, they tend not to be really “strong” spells. So they might not do the trick in some circumstances, but if all you need is a smaller magickal nudge, these can be perfect spells for your lost love.

Quick lost love spells
A quick lost love spell can bring back your special someone
Bring a Hasty Return

This little love spell will help bring a lost love back into contact with you. Ideal if you’ve lost touch over the years and want to reconnect.

  • A live flower blossom (any sort will do)
  • A pair of dice (white with black spots)
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Small dish
  • Red food coloring

A rose or carnation is the most powerful flower for love magick but you can really do this spell with any fresh blossom. Set the flower in the dish, and light the incense. Let the smoke build for a few minutes while you think about the lost love you are trying to find.

Drip several drops of red dye onto the flower. Repeat the spell words:

Power of red,
The spell is said
Living flower,
Add my power,
Drops of time,
Bring back mine.

Hold the dice in your hands and repeat the person’s name 3 times out loud. Roll the dice, and leave them on the altar. The number you roll stands for how many days until your loved one makes contact (or you get a sign on how to find them).

Turn the Page

Use the power of books to quickly draw that lost love back into your life.

  • Large hardcover book
  • Piece of pink paper
  • Red marker
  • Long pink ribbon

Write your loved one’s name on the paper in big letters. Fold it over once. Put it inside the book, between pages 29 and 30. Also tuck one end of the ribbon between those pages and close the book. Wrap the rest of the ribbon around the book at least once, but more times is better (use a long ribbon if it’s a fat book).

Set the book down, cover facing up and place both hands on it. Say:

As one word follows another,
Let me be followed by my lover.
Bring them back into my sight
This I cast with all my might.

Turn the book over to face down and repeat. Flip the book one last time so that it’s cover-up again and leave it be. Keep an eye out for signs of your missing love to come into your life very soon.

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