Samhain Ritual

This Samhain ritual isn’t a true “spell”, as it doesn’t accomplish anything for you. It’s simply a spiritual ritual you can perform this Samhain (or Halloween) to honor the day.

To celebrate the symbolic harvest, as well as to welcome the darker half of the year, this is a fine Samhain ritual that is designed for people who work solitary.

For this ritual, you should gather up:

  • A bowl of pure water
  • 1 gold candle to represent the God
  • 1 silver candle to represent the Goddess
  • 1 black candle
  • A wooden bowl
  • A slice of bread
  • A cup of apple cider or juice

According to the mythic view of the year, the God dies at Samhain and the Goddess mourns his death. It is her sadness that brings about the winter to come. He’ll be reborn again at Yule though, so Her sadness is temporary.

Though you can do this ritual anytime during the Samhain season, doing it as close to October 31st as you can is best.

If you prefer to cast a circle before you start, do that first. then begin the actual ritual itself.

Light the gold and silver candles, and say:

“Lady, may your love and abundance shine through your loss,
Lord, your light is not extinguished forever.”

Then pick up the piece of bread, and say:

“I offer this food, as a symbol of the harvest and the abundance the Earth has provided this year.

Take a bite, then hold up the cider and repeat the same lines again.

Light the black candle and set it between the bowl of water and the wooden bowl, and say:

I provide this light to guide the souls of those who walk the Earth tonight, to bring them hope and guidance in their journey.

At this point, ask for any blessings you might need for the upcoming year, preferably for your loved ones rather than yourself. Also, take some time to remember anyone how has recently passed on, or even distant ancestors that you wish to honor.

Set the rest of the bread into the wooden bowl, and pour your juice or cider over it. Close off the ritual by saying:

As the wheel of the year turns,
As this candle and spirit burns,
I honor those who have gone past,
I honor the harvest

Leave the food offering out overnight, and allow the candles to burn down on their own.

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