Spells for Finances

Great spells for finances always start with some coins

Yes, this is just another way of describing money spells, but I am running out of ways to title all these pages. So today, here are some “financial spells” to help you get your money problems under control.

Actually, you don’t necessarily have to have financial trouble to make use of this magick, you can cast money spells like these any time for some added abundance. Just don’t be greedy.

Bank Account Boost

This is a spell that will bring a little unexpected money your way. You’ll need some basic sewing skills but it doesn’t matter if your work is a little rough. It’s the intention that matters. Here’s what you need for this spell:

  • Square piece of green cloth
  • Black thread and a needle
  • White seashell
  • Silver coin

The material should be natural (no polyester) and at least 8 inches on each side. Use the needle and thread to stitch a rough dollar sign into each corner of the material. Once that’s complete, you are ready to cast the spell.

Lay the fabric flat on your altar, with one point of the square pointing to the north. Doesn’t really matter which one. In the center, set the coin and then the shell. Place your right hand over the coin and shell, and repeat the words:

4 corners, field of green
Shell and silver, bring the power
By my spell, money this hour

Fold each corner, starting with the north one, into the middle. The shell and coin should be covered by all 4 corners of the cloth. Set your hand on top, and repeat the words. Leave the material in place until you see some new money come in.

Fires of the Earth

This combines two powerful elements for your money spell. The fire just brings energy to the ritual, and the earth represents money and Earthly abundance.

  • 3 candles – green, orange and brown
  • A small terra cotta flower pot filled with dirt
  • 2 coins
  • A fresh basil leaf
  • A cinnamon stick
  • A piece of bloodstone or malachite

If you can’t find these colors for candles, you can do this money spell with all green ones. If you can’t find green candles, you’re not looking hard enough. They should be the thin, tapered kind.

Put enough dirt in the pot to cover up any holes, and then add the coins, basil leaf and stones. Fill up the rest of the way with more dirt. Poke the three candles into the dirt, deep enough so they sit firmly. Light all three candles, and leave the spell until all three are burned out on their own.

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