Blessing Spells

Blessing spells are pretty easy, and not the kind of magick that will cause a great upheaval in your life if it goes awry. They make great beginner spells, and I already have a lunar blessing on another page as an example of a good first spell. And here are a couple more for when you want to put a blessing on someone, or something.

A smudge stick is a powerful tool for Blessing Spells
Room Smudge

This is an old traditional way to cleanse and bless a room, using a smoking stick of incense or bundle of herbs. You can use a number of different actual materials for smudging, such as:

  • A bundle of dried white sage or
  • A stick of sandalwood, cedar or rosemary incense

All you have to do is light your smudge of choice, and blow out the flame so that it’s smoking nicely. Walk around the room, letting the smoke flow to each of the corners of the space. If you want to bless a whole house, then just walk to each room and do the same thing.

Visualize the smoke pushing out the negative energy and leaving a clean energy behind. With each room, repeat:

By this smoke, I bless this space,

By my words, I clean this place.

When you’ve added smoke to the area to be blessed, stub out the incense or smudge stick.

Elemental Tool Blessing

You can use this spell to bless an object like a new altar tool with the 4 elements. Take care if you are blessing a book or Tarot cards, some of these steps could be damaging. You’ll need:

  • A white feather (air)
  • A bowl of dirt (earth)
  • A cup of water (water)
  • A red candle (fire)
  • Your item to be blessed
  • A white cloth large enough to wrap the object

Set all your elemental items on your altar and light the candle.

Touch the tip of the feather to your object, and say “I bless you with air

Lightly touch the object with a bit of dirt, and say “I bless you with earth

Dampen your fingertip and touch the object, saying “I bless you with water

And pass the object through the smoke of the flame, saying “I bless you with fire

After that, wrap up your item and leave in on your altar table overnight. It is now ready for ritual use.

You can also find an additional house blessing spell on the candle magic spells page, and one the garden spells page if you want to bless some plants.

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