Weight Loss Spells

Weight loss spells can help you stay focused on a goal, conquer cravings or just motivate you to stick to a diet but magick cannot work miracles. If you cast a spell, then still eat too much or exercise too little, nothing is going to happen.

weight loss spells
Can a little witchcraft spell help you with weight loss?

Use a spell or two in conjunction with a healthy eating regime and some added exercise for real success.

Melting Away the Pounds

This is a very easy spell to help you stay focused on your weight loss goals. All you need is a brown candle, large enough to burn each night for several days. A big pillar one works best.

Use something sharp to carve your current weight, and towards the bottom carve in the weight you’d like to be. Be reasonable in your goals and you’ll have better success.

Each night before you go to bed, light the candle for 15 minutes, and as the wax melts down, you will find yourself losing weight as well.

Craving Crystal Spell

Use a crystal charm to help remind you of your weight loss needs, for a magickal prompt when cravings hit. All you need is:

  • A piece of clear quartz
  • A green candle
  • A green bag or pouch (optional)

You’ll have to do this weight loss spell during a waning moon, so anytime about 2 weeks after the full moon. Outside is best, but do the spell near a window if you have to be indoors.

Light your candle, and look up at the moon while holding the crystal. Repeat the following while you watch the moon:

Goddess within

Goddess without

Guide me to my goal

Easy my hunger

Soothe my spirit

Strengthen my resolve

As I wish it, so mote it be

Concentrate on your goal of losing weight and eating healthier. Think about the foods you tend to crave, and how you need to be stronger around them. Send that energy into the crystal. Put out the candle when you are done, and carry the crystal with you. Use a green bag, or just tuck it in your pocket.

Now every time you are tempted to snack on something. take out the crystal and hold it in your hand. Ask yourself if you need this food, or are giving in to your craving. Draw energy from the stone to resist the food.

If you find it working well, you can recharge the stone by doing the same spell a month later.

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