Magic Love Spells

Magic love spell
Carnations for this magic love spell, in white pink and red

I don’t usually say “magic love spells” when talking about witchcraft spells, but this is how many people refer to such rituals, and I aim to please. Makes it easier to find these pages. At any rate, here is my latest page of spells to help you with your love life.

Blush of Blooming Love

Help turn a friendship into something more, by bringing the blush of love into the relationship.

  • 1 white carnation
  • 1 pink carnation
  • 1 red carnation
  • Glass vase
  • Red food coloring
  • Piece of white paper
  • Red marker or pen

All the carnations need to be fresh, and should have their stems intact. Fill the vase with water, and add 7 drops of red food coloring. Draw a small pentacle on a bit of paper (like the size of a stamp). Fold it up and drop it into the water. Snip about an inch off the bottom of each flower stem, and add to the vase.

Repeat the following words:

Pink, white and red

May your heart be led

Take the blush of love

With power above.

Touch the centers of each flower with your right index finger. Then repeat the words. Leave the vase and flower somewhere sunny, but not too hot. After several days, you will see the red dye move up into the flowers and start to tinge them red. It will be most noticeable in the white flower.

Once the red dye has colored the petals of the white carnation, you should cut off most of the stem and carry the flower with you all day. Ideally, the person you are targeting should see it.

Round the Rune

A pretty basic magic love spell to help bring someone new into your life, hopefully to bring you love and some happiness.

Wunjo rune
  • Several pieces of rose quartz
  • A piece of paper
  • A red candle
  • A long match (the fireplace kind)
  • You’ll need at least 5 pieces of quartz, but more is better.

On a sheet of paper make a circle with the pieces of quartz, large enough to have the candle holder in the center. In the center draw the wunjo rune. Set the candle up on top of the rune.

Light the match and while it is burning, trace around the circle slowly and say:

Rune and round

Love be ‘bound

Attract to me

So mote it be.

Trace the circle again, and only then do you light the candle. With the match still burning, now trace the circle a third time while repeating the words. Now you can put out the match. Leave the candle to burn until it is finished though.

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