Real Spells for Finding Love

All the spells here at FWS are real spells, but people do often get concerned about this. Do you go to a cooking site and wonder if the recipes are “real”? The reality of magick and witchcraft isn’t just based in certain types of spells. It’s how you put materials together and how you use your own energy. All spells can be real, if you are serious about casting them.

So anyway, here are more real spells for finding love. Because everyone is always after love spells.

Birds of a Feather

The intent of this love spell is to help you find someone similar to yourself, someone who shares the same interests or other personality traits. Sure, they say “opposites attract” but sometimes you want to meet someone who is more like you.

real spells for finding love

Note: burning feather doesn’t smell great so you will want to perform this spell near an open window, or even outside.

  • A large natural feather
  • Pink candle
  • Rose oil
  • Lavender incense
  • Cup of water

Anoint the candle with oil, and light it. Also light the incense. As you think about the qualities you want in your partner, wave the feather in and out of the incense smoke. Light the tip of the feather in the candle flame, and point directly to the west.

Repeat the words of the spell:

Bring me my match
Bring me my mate
By this feather,
I will not wait

Now hold your feather (hopefully still smoldering), near your heart, and say:

Smoke and air
By magick, I dare
Birds of a feather
Flock together

Drop the last bit of feather into the water. Add a drop of rose oil, and leave the cup on your altar. You’ll soon cross paths with someone like yourself in some way.

Love on the Wind

Apparently, I’m in a bit of an airy mood today as I put together these spells. This is another love spell that utilizes the element of air. You’ll need:

  • Several strands of your own hair
  • Long piece of red yarn or string
  • A small bell
  • Sprig of rosemary
  • Sprig of yarrow

Your herbs can be either dry or fresh, but they need to be in “sprig” form, not ground up or powdered.

On the night of a full moon, assemble this spell charm. At the end of the string, tie your hair, bell and herbs in a knot. Along the rest of the length of string, tie 3 more equally spaced knots.

At midnight, go outside and tie this to a nearby tree so that the items in the charm are dangling down. It can be hidden in the branches, just make sure that the items at the end are loose enough to move.

This spell charm will start to attract love into your life by the next day. Keep on the look-out for signs of someone new in your life.

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