Voodoo Spells

Here is my first collection of new Voodoo spells, which may seem a little different from the Wiccan style you might be used to. But since you here looking for Voodoo spells, here are a few of them.

Ingredients are typically more complicated so be prepared to do a little more work, or go shopping at your nearest occult shop.

Floor washes are a classic form of traditional Voodoo spells
Good Luck Floor Wash

Using a floor wash is a very common form of spell in Voodoo, so I figured that was a good place to start. This is a pretty general-purpose one to help bring good fortune to your home.

  • Van Van oil
  • A bucket of clean water

Follow the link above for a Van Van recipe before you begin. Add about 2 tablespoons of completed oil to a bucket of warm water. The exact measurements aren’t that important. You should be able to smell the oil scent really lightly after you’ve mixed the wash.

Use a mop or sponge to wipe down a busy room in your house, like the kitchen or living room. Don’t let anyone walk in the area until it is completely and thoroughly dry. This should bring some good fortune into your life within 7 days.

Paper Money Spell

You can bring a little extra cash into your life with this Voodoo spell for money. Gather up the following items:

  • A piece of paper money
  • Needle and red thread
  • A piece of red cloth larger than the bill
  • Coarse salt, at least a cup
  • Pink candles
  • Orange oil
  • Amber incense

Gently use the needle and thread to sew the dollar bill onto the red cloth. Hang it up on wall, where you can set up the rest of your spell under it.

On a table or altar, sprinkle a thick line of salt to make a square. Set a candle at each corner and light them. Set a little open dish of orange oil in the center. Dip the end of your incense stick into the oil, then light it in a holder outside of the square. Repeat the words out loud:

Pinned to my life evermore
Go with me to every shore
I trade you for another thing
Come back to my pockets bring

Leave the candles and incense burning for an hour, then snuff them out. Leaving everything set up, repeat the spell (lighting candles, incense, words) again for the next 2 days at the same time. Within 15 days, you should have some extra money.

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