Abundance Spells

abundance spells
Abundance spells aren’t just for money

Abundance spells are usually about bringing more money into your life, but it doesn’t always have to be about financial gain. Abundance is more generally about getting more into your life, and sometimes that can mean better luck or just more opportunities for things.

I do already have a few abundance spells on the site, such as the Abundance Candle Spell and the Oak of Abundance. You can check those out too.

Chalice of Plenty

Though most abundance magick is related to the element of Earth, a tool like a chalice can still be a powerful one to get the ball rolling (spiritually speaking). If you don’t have a proper altar chalice, feel free to use any fine-quality glass or even a mug. Wine glasses work very nicely if you have one.

  • A chalice
  • Milk
  • Fresh sprig of basil
  • 3 smooth stones
  • Piece of white paper

On the paper, draw three concentric circles making sure the inner circle is large enough that you can place the chalice there without going over the lines.

Fill your chalice or glass with milk, and drop the three stones in. Give them a second to settle to the bottom, then stir gently with the sprig of basil. With each stir, say the words of the spell.

Milk that flows,

Abundance grows,

Stones of three,

Drawn to me.

Set the basil in the chalice so at least one leaf is sticking out and visible. Repeat the chant again. Leave everything sitting overnight, and in the morning, pour the milk outside near a growing tree. Leave the stones and basil there as well.

Draw the Cards

I am in the mood for another Tarot spell, using cards to draw that abundance energy into your spell. If you don’t have a Tarot deck, use a piece of paper and do your best to illustrate your own image based on a traditional Tarot deck.

  • The 10 of coins card
  • Green yarn or string
  • A dollar bill (or any denomination paper money)

Fold up your dollar, and wrap it and the Tarot card with a length of green yard. Wrap at least 3 times around before tying in a knot. Set the charm dollar-side-down on the altar and hold both hands over it, palm down. Focus your thoughts on the abundance you need (or want) and what you hope to accomplish if the spell is successful. Lower your hands to touch the tied card, and keep concentrating. Repeat out loud:

By the cards, abundance brings

With success, my soul sings.

Continue to repeat the chant for several minutes. Then leave the charm sitting on the altar until the next day. After that, take the money and spend it immediately on something that represents what you’re hoping to get from this spell.

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