Wiccan Money Spells

Wiccan money spells
You’ll need pine twigs for this money spell, not just the needles

Wiccan money spells are pretty much like any other witchcraft spells for money, so there shouldn’t be anything unusual about these spells. Need a little financial boost? Either of these money spells can help you out.

Money in the Door

Want more money in your life? Then you need to put out an invitation to get it coming in. Try this little money charm:

  • 5 pine twigs, roughly the same size
  • Silver and green ribbon
  • Patchouli oil
  • A dollar bill, preferably larger denomination (like a $20)

The twigs should be little branches, not pine needles. Gather your pine twigs and set them on your altar space, sitting on your money. Let them sit there for a week before you continue with the rest of this money spell.

Rub a little patchouli oil on each twig, repeating these lines each time:

Money in my door,

I just need a little more

Wrap up the twigs with the ribbon (yarn would work too), to make a little bundle. Leave some extra ribbon to make a loop so you can hang your money charm. Attach it to the main door in your house, either looping it over the doorknob or hanging by a nail. Doesn’t matter which side, but it has to be on the main door.

Leave the money charm hanging up until you have some extra money show up. Take it down after that. If you need more funds, make another charm but wait at least a week before doing the spell again.

Five Finger Money Spell

The number 5 is associated with abundance and wealth, so this Wiccan money spell focuses on that energy. The last spell did too, I suppose. Anyway, this is what you need for this spell:

  • A green marker (washable)
  • A silver coin

Do this spell on a Thursday if you can. Write the number 1 through 5 on the pads of your fingers, starting with 1 on the index finger to 4 on the pinky, then 5 on the thumb. Set the coin on a table or altar, and focus on why you need additional abundance in your life right now. If you don’t actually need money, this spell may not be that successful.

Repeat the following, touching the numbered finger to the coin each time:

By the number 1, the spell’s begun,

By the number 2, let it be true,

By the number 3, so mote it be,

By the number 4, I just need more,

By the number 5, the spell’s alive

Then set your open palm over the coin, and repeat all 5 lines again. Leave the coin where it sits for 5 days, then carry it with you after that to finish off your Wiccan money spell.

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