Magic Protection Spells

Please keep in mind that even magic protection spells aren’t fool-proof. Don’t ever think you can leave your doors unlocked or your windows wide open at night because you’ve cast a spell.

Unlike the binding spells or breaking spells, the spells on this page are more for general protection rather than spells directed at someone in particular.

Classic Witch Bottle
magic protection spells with rusty nails
Rusty nails are a very old talisman in magic protection spells

This type of charm is an old one, and is a classic spell to protect your home. It was originally intended as a way to protect against witchcraft, but its a common form of protection magick today. You will need a number of things, though you can adapt or modify the exact contents:

  • A jar with a tight lid
  • Pieces of broken glass
  • Nails or pins (rusty is best)
  • A pinch or two of dried rosemary and/or rue
  • Vinegar

The exact amount of any items will depend a lot on how big a jar you use. Fill the jar with broken glass, rusty nails or other sharp bits of metal. Pieces of broken plates would work ok too. Fill the rest of the jar with vinegar, lemon juice or sour wine. If you want to be really authentic, add a little urine in their too.

Seal the jar tightly, and bury it outside your front door. A witch bottle will protect your house for years.

Easy Home Protection

Seal your home up from any unwelcome or negative influences. I love this magic protection spell, and its also on the easy spells page because of its simplicity. You just need:

  • A small handful of coarse salt
  • A teaspoon or so of garlic powder or minced garlic

Stir the salt and garlic together, and put a few pinches of it on every windowsill and doorway into your house. If you can get every opening, that would be ideal. A bit on the fireplace hearth or the garage door, for example. Both salt and garlic are potent protective magick.

Herbal Protection Bath

This spell is intended to add extra protection to you personally, not your home like the two spells above. The exact amounts of the herbs are up to you. You need:

  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Lavender
  • Basil (fresh if possible)
  • Mint
  • A handful of coarse salt

Run a hot bath, and toss in all your herbs and the salt. Let the bath steep for a few minutes before getting in. Sit and soak for a while, visualizing that your body is picking up protective energy from all the herbs in the water.

When you’re done, save a bit of the water and herbs in a bowl and toss it outside.

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