Powerful Banishing Spells

This page of powerful banishing spells continues the bigger collection that I’ve already started on earlier pages (here and here). You can never have too many spells in your Book of Shadows, so here are some more to help keep negative energy and influences out of your life.

Banishing Spells
Stay protected with new powerful banishing spells, like Bind a Black Box
Bind a Black Box

Create a magickal barrier around you to banish all the negative, and bring some protection into your personal life.

  • A small black box
  • Black or dark purple tissue paper
  • A small personal token that fits in the box
  • Sea salt
  • Length of coarse twine
  • Shard of broken glass

The box should be black, but it’s better if you can paint it yourself though using one that is black to begin with is fine too. Small cardboard jewlery boxes work very well for this spell.

Sprinkle some salt in the bottom of the box, then fill it in with some tissue paper. You can use cloth if you don’t have tissue. It has to be black or dark though. Set your token in the center and say the words of the spell.

Inside this box,
I place my locks
To banish all my ill.
Protect my life,
Keep out strife,
By the power of my will.

Put the lid on the box, and set the piece of glass on the lid. Wrap the whole thing several times with twine, enough to hold the shard in place. Tie with a solid knot. Repeat the words again.

Set the box near the door of your home, glass piece down. After 7 days, find a more permanent home for it, someplace dark and undisturbed.

A Banishing Flame

Time for a little witchcraft firepower, to cast a spell with flame and smoke.

  • A black candle
  • Dried white sage
  • Something sharp

You can often buy “smudge sticks” of white sage in various new age stores, and they work very well for this.

Carve a pentacle into one side the the candle before you begin, and the word “cease” on the other side. Set up and light the candle, then light the sage. Let it burn for a moment, then gently blow it out so that it’s still smoking. Hold it above your head and say

As above, so below
Time for evil things to go.
What is bad, what is wrong
Falls against magick strong.

Lower the sage back to the candle, re-light the end so that it’s flaming again. Raise carefully, and repeat the words. Snuff it out again and draw the smoke around you gently. Repeat the words a third and final time.

Walk around your home with the smoking smudge, visualizing the negative being force away by the smoke.

When you’re done, stub out the sage and let the candle finish burning on its own.

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