Spells for Anxiety

Spells for anxiety are helpful for anyone dealing with stress, which tends to be everyone at some point. Today’s lifestyle is hectic and anxiety problems are becoming commonplace. Do you need a little magickal help with stress to help you focus your thoughts and keep calm in difficult situations? Since this is a rather specific type of spell, I just have one on this page.

Calming Candle

You can use this anxiety spell after a stressful incident, or even cast it beforehand to hopefully help you keep your anxiety under control if you expect to be in a difficult situation.

  • A pale blue taper candle
  • Length of white cotton thread (not yarn)
  • Lavender oil
  • A smooth piece of blue lace agate

A tall thin candle is best for this spell, but you can make do with any shape that is bigger than a tealight. If you can’t find blue lace agate, try a piece of clear quartz instead.

Tie the thread around the base of the candle and wind it clockwise up to the wick. Tie the other end to the wick itself. With a little lavender oil, run your finger around the candle, anointing the thread with oil. Repeat the following as you do:

Spiral round, peace is found

Keep my feet upon the ground.

Light the flame, thoughts are tame

I will never be the same.

Light the candle. As the candle burns, place the stone on your forehead between your eyes. Focus your thoughts on the feel of the crystal, and let its coolness temper your anxiety and give you peace.

Watch the flame for a few minutes, and visualize your anxiety going up with the smoke and disappearing. After that, you can just leave the candle to burn out on your altar.

Remember that anxiety is a real mental health issue and these spells should not be used in place of medical help. If you have ongoing problems with anxiety, make sure to see a doctor as well as trying these spells. Magick is not medicine.

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