Wiccan Air Spells

Wiccan air spells are part of our elemental spell collection, and a continuation from our earlier page of air spells.

The element of air is all about travel, memory, creativity, ideas, inspiration and freedom. So that’s what we’ll focus on for this page of Wiccan air spells.

Wiccan air spells
Feathers are excellent for Wiccan air spells
Memory Magnet

Having trouble remembering things, from where you left your keys to those important facts (phone numbers, dates, names)? Well, a memory magnet charm might help you boost your remembering power with a little magick.

  • A magnet
  • Pine needles
  • Silver bell
  • Myrrh incense

Set the magnet on your altar, on top of the pine needles. Ring the bell over the magnet, and repeat:

Air does blow,
As I know,
Thoughts do grow,
As I know.

Light the incense, and wave the smoke over the magnet, and repeat the same words another time.

Pick up the magnet and hold it to your forehead, and now say:

The magnet draws my thoughts
My ideas, my experiences.
With air, I will remember them all.

Ring the bell a final time, and now carry the magnet with you to help improve your memory. Just make sure to keep it away from any electronics that might be in your pocket or purse (like your phone).

Rising Freedom Spell

This is a charm to help you gain some freedom in your life, to get past obstacles that are keeping you tied down or in a rut.

Feathers are a potent talisman for the element of air. While you can use feathers you’ve bought at the craft story, it would be a stronger air spell if you use feathers you’ve found in the wild.

Kenaz rune for Rising Freedom spell
  • 5 feathers
  • White yarn or string
  • A large clear quartz point
  • White or silver paint (or marker)

Use a fine brush to paint the rune Kenaz on the crystal point (you have to have a point, not a smooth tumbled stone). You can also use a white or silver ink marker for this. Tie the quills of the feathers to the quartz, wrapping the string securely around the entire bunch.

Now hang the entire feather charm in a high point of your house. Like close to the ceiling on the top floor, or even up in the attic.

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