Free Spell Casting

I thought I would address the idea of “free spell casting” and offer up my own thoughts on this since people often ask me to cast spells for them.

Whether or not the casting is free or not isn’t really the point, though I don’t personally approve of charging money to cast spells for other people. The point is really about whether you do the casting for yourself or get someone else to do it for you.

I understand why people seek out others to cast their spells for them, namely because the entire concept of casting a spell is usually pretty strange and foreign to someone who knows nothing about witchcraft. People need something changed in their lives (usually their love lives) and they are seeking someone to help.

The problem is that it is your own energy and desires that make a spell work. A complete stranger can easily cast a spell on your behalf but it will lack substance and power. It’s common for Christians to ask others to pray for them, even people they do not know, but since they believe that the power comes from God, it really doesn’t matter who is doing the praying.

Spellwork is different. You have to generate your own power, and that it what makes witchcraft different from prayer or other religious practices. And that also means you should be the one to do it. Yes someone else can cast a spell for you, but it won’t be anywhere near as effective as you will want (or as they claim it will be).

So rather than get sucked into claims of free spell casting, take a little time to learn the skill on your own and make magick for yourself. This goes double for anyone who wants to charge you some ridiculous amount of money to work a spell for you. This really needs to be a do-it-yourself process!

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