Travel Spells

I already have a travel spell charm on another page of Wiccan spells, but here are a few more for the next time you are planning on hitting the road for some travel. Whether its for holidays or not, staying safe when you travel is worth a little magick.

Mind My Footsteps

Not only will this keep you safe during your travels, it will help keep you on track so that you don’t get lost. Cast this spell before you leave, and leave it out on an altar table until you get home.

travel spells
Travel spells to protect your foot steps
  • 5 pieces of jade or sodalite
  • A piece of yellow cloth
  • A long piece of white ribbon or yarn

Lay out the piece of cloth and think about your upcoming trip. Set out the pieces of stone in a straight line. With each one, stamp your foot and repeat:

Watch my steps, keep me straight

Keep my travels free from hate

When all 5 are laid out, make a circle around them with the white ribbon to protect your path. Repeat the words again. Leave everything in place so your travel spell keeps working until you get home.

See the World Spell

I thought I would change this up a bit and add a travel spell that is about getting the opportunity to see more of the world, rather than a safety spell. So if you are stuck in a rut and want some travel doors to open up, this is the spell for you. You should do this spell on a windy day.

  • A small printed map
  • Dried mint
  • A branch of willow

If you don’t have willow, any wood will do but it does need to be a natural branch. Tear up your map into little pieces. Go outdoors when you want to do your spell, bring your materials and face west. Push the branch into the earth to mark your current place, and then call out to the elements to help you:

North, south, east, west

Take me to the corners of the Earth.

Then toss the bits of map and dried mint into the breeze. Soon you’ll find some new travel options open for you.

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